• Affects physical health 

  • Causes Dysfunction and Disease 

  • Leads to headaches

  • Stomach Issues

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Puts strain on  personal relationships at a time when we need others, 

  • Causes conflicts or emotional distancing and loneliness       

Burnout is increasing in our society due to heavier workloads, increased expectations, and longer working days. It’s getting harder to have a work/life balance when we can so easily take our work home with us. The pressures in your life are unlikely to change, however, your perception can. 

Self Care is possible and achievable, even at the busiest of times. I believe we perform at our optimum when we have a strong foundation.

I know you are busy and finding time to take proper care of yourself can feel difficult. 

I would love to teach you uncomplicated and readily available techniques and strategies for you to start taking better care of yourself, naturally this will all be combined with your integrity and desire to achieve and be the best version of yourself.