Our New Live Booking System Online 

Don't Panic it's all very simple and easy to use. We will take you through a step by step guide on how to book, amend and cancel your online appointment

STEP 1 - 

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At the top of the page look for " LOGIN / REGISTER SECTION and click on that section 

STEP 4 - 

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To book an Online Reiki Treatment simply click on the " BOOK REIKI ONLINE " choose your selected treatment then choose and date and time that suits you.


A £10.00 booking Deposit is payable at this time and bookings are not confirmed until you proceed to checkout and receive a booking confirmation email 

The £10.00 deposit will be taken off your final booking amount when you receive your treatment.


Once you have made your booking you can amend or cancel up to 4 hours before your booking takes place. 

STEP 2 -

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If you use Facebook or Google on your computer you can choose to log in using your Facebook or Google sign in details or, you can choose to set up a brand new account using a new email address

STEP 5 - 

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STEP 3 -

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You can then add your address contact details such as a phone number and place a credit card on file - This is completely secure and encrypted so please be reassured about our online security measures.

STEP 6 -

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You can simply choose your date and time of appointment and then pay your £10.00 deposit - once your appointment has been confirmed via email you can then login into your member's area and change, amend or cancel your booking 

Please see the cancellation policy