Reiki Level 2 Attunment with Reiki Master Steven Mills is designed for those who wish to venture out on their own. Setting up your own business and client base you will have to have had REIKI LEVEL 1 attunement in the USUI TRADITIONAL TEACHINGS for 6 months or more.

If you do Not have Reiki Level 1 Already then please click on the Zoom Attunements Sections where Level 1 & 2 online attunements can be done over a 2 day period.




Reiki Level 2 invites you to connect further to the healing power within you and deepen your experience of the system of Reiki as you continue to bloom from within.


Are you ready to build on the foundations you created in Reiki Level 1?


 Reiki Level 2 is an opportunity to begin to open yourself to trusting yourself and the reiki energy whether that is in self-treatments, treating others and in your day to day life.


As we move from the ‘structure’ of Reiki Level 1 into the flow of Reiki Level 2, we also explore on a deeper level what healing means to us. The integration of the heart-mind, the balancing of our logical and intuitive mind, the embodiment of our practices towards a place of curiosity where we drop the labels and open ourselves to wholeness.


The more you practice Reiki, the more you’re able to peel away the heavy and limited layers that can accumulate from living life and prevent you from connecting fully to your true nature.


Reiki Level  2 course focuses as always on self – healing, increasing your awareness of the power of Reiki, the introduction of symbols and practising reiki professionally/personally with an emphasis on practical learning so you can get more ‘hands-on’ reiki experience and grow in confidence.


On completion of this Reiki course, you will be able to continue to treat yourself and family and friends to the gifts of reiki and you may notice a change in the energy of the treatment. Officially, this level is required if you’d like to practice Reiki professionally (and ethically), but many students choose Reiki 2 simply to enhance their own inner power and healing ability.


Above all, during this course, I invite you to experience and to tap into the peace, calm, compassion, silence, stillness, happiness, love and excitement within.

Usui Traditional Reiki Level 2 Attunement