Have you ever felt uncomfortable in an area or as you enter a building? This is due to the vibration or the energy which we sense.

Reiki energy can be used to clear your workplace, home or any environment of unhelpful energies. This may be useful following a time of arguments, distress, or loss.

I will come to your home, office or business premises to remove stagnant energy and cleanse and refresh each area of the building.

We each vibrate at an energetic level, which can be changed at any given time. Times of difficulty lower our vibration which radiates through us. Our energy leaves a residual impact on our environment which is why we feel good or not so good as we meet somebody or enter a house or building or even an area. 

Please contact me to book a Space Cleansing appointment as they are not available to book online.

Space Cleansing Benefits


  • Release unhelpful and stagnant energy

  • Refresh and cleanse your home or workspace

  • Raise the vibration of your home to enhance a feeling of comfort and safety

  • Bring greater abundance to your business by having your workplace cleared