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Hi, I'm Steven Mills.

Reiki Master & Master Reiki Teacher and one of Northern Ireland's very few Male Reiki Masters.


I'm also a fully registered member of the UK Reiki Federation and hold a fully valid  Insurance policy to treat clients.


Hi my journey of discovery with Reiki started many years ago, I, just like you started going to a Reiki Master for regular Reiki treatments and, almost three years ago and, during that journey I have treated a lot of individuals. most come to be treated for an emotional issue or indeed physical issue, Reiki can help to minimise most issues.


 I treat both Male and Female clients in complete confidentiality and discretion. I have literally seen and heard it all before. I invite you now to come forward to receive in a non-judgmental way a Reiki treatment to heal the issue which you find yourself searching the answer to.

Click on the " ABOUT ME " button for more information about me.

We took the decision during lockdown to upgrade our website provider in order to allow us to offer a better online customer experience.

We have added a dedicated online booking system which gives each user live appointment information such as, what appointments are available on any given day. The online booking system also gives accurate availability of available appointment times.

 The appointment systems allow our customers to book appointments as well as cancel and change appointment times if they are available.

Placing full control of your appointment firmly in the hands of our customers.

Customers can also create a members profile FREE of charge this will enable you to simply use the one-click login system in order for you to access the appointments page or to order products online.

Our new online product range is aimed at customers who enjoy holistic hand made products.

For those customers interested in a holistic approach to their day to day lives we have created 6 themed gift boxes which you can buy online.

These categories include :

* Wealth ( attract wealth to your life)

* Love and Romance 

* Sports Recovery 

* Sleep Assist 

*Anxiety & Depression

* Fertility

Each gift box is handcrafted and contains many holistic products which match the theme of each box.

Reiki Charged Products - this is where a Reiki Master infuses either the sprays, oils, crystals etc

EG: Room / Pillow spray 

Effectively the master is conditioning each product to help with the associated issue